Life and pro golf -during Covid-19-times

This will be my first ever blog post. Strange times that we are living in now. Everybody staying at home, hoping desperately that nobody from their families or friends gets infected with Covid-19 that currently has the entire world in lockdown… As a person being born in 1990 and never really having lived through something this impactful is quite shocking. My generation is used to seeing doomsday scenarios but on tv. All of the events happening being fiction. Looking at professional golf, it is astounding to see events, like the British Open,  being delayed or cancelled. That hasn’t happened since the events of the second World War. Most of the time I experience this period as a serious reality check to realize how lucky I am to be able to exercise my passion being golf as my full time profession. Having goals like going to the Olympics one day or working on a dream of playing a Major Championship and winning. 

Without further ado, the reason why I started this blog is that I have some free time these days and wanted to stay productive. I wanted to share my experiences with everyone and anyone that takes an interest what a golfers’ journey might look like. What can you expect from my blog?? I see it as a raw testament of my journey as a golfer with all the highs and lows that I have gone through and will go through. Looking back at these memories I will go through the defining moments in my career which have given me the belief that I can perform at the highest level in golf. One thing I want to address now are some questions I’ve had throughout the years like “How much longer are you going to keep playing?” “What’s your plan B?” “Do you think you’re good enough?” To be honest these are questions I’ve had to face my entire career. Even from when I was a junior golfer. One simple answer would be, because I have overcome every obstacle golf has ever thrown at me. The obstacles I am facing now are the same obstacles I faced as a kid. There is just more pressure to perform as a pro golfer, but I refuse to give into pressure. I will dictate the course of my life. 

As a source of inspiration I will turn to you guys so if you have any questions, comments or requests, feel free to comment below this post! Or reach out to me on Instagram and Facebook!

See you next week!

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